Ali Onur Asansör

Ali Onur Asansör

It was founded by Ali ONUR in 1998 in MANİSA.

Complete Elevator Systems

We think, design and manufacture for you. We produce the components that make up the backbone of the elevators you dream of (Cabin, Frame, Machine Chassis, Door) and we bring together the necessary equipment for the best fit.
Complete Elevator Systems




We renew the safety, eco-efficiency, capacity, comfort and design of your elevator with our modernization solutions suitable for all your needs and budget.


Our team specialized in elevator systems engineering and production, we produce the best design suitable for your existing structure in a safe, fast and large capacity.

You are


Focus Point


Structure - Texture - Spirit

We believe that buildings also have a soul. In order to reveal this spirit, we create a part of it by wandering through the imaginary world created in the structure and texture of the building.


Digital Ecosystem

We design and manufacture the entire system that provides easy interaction with all elevator system software and executes all commands in the most appropriate way.

If there is a problem, the solution is certain

Our business partners have always met us while looking for a solution to a challenging project. They were influenced by our innovative perspective, work discipline, contribution to projects and our philosophy of timely production. This situation made us one of the first names that come to mind in challenging projects in the world.

We Have a Formula

We Are Not Rediscovering the World

We closely follow technology, raw materials, accessories and trends. Our engineers, designers and production team make the best configuration using the latest technological machines and programs to produce the best product.